Tally Configuration

Step 1 - Gateway of Tally
Start from "Gateway of Tally" menu. Press F12
Configuring Tally for fincom - Step 1
Step 2 - Configuration
The F12 key from "Gateway of Tally" will bring up the "Configuration" menu. Select "Advanced Configuration" or press "C"
Configuring Tally for fincom - Step 2
Step 3 - Client/ Server Configuration
In the client/server configuration screen make the following modifications
   "tally is acting as" - select either "both" or "server"
   "Port" - The default port is "9000" but you can change it to any other port.
Select a port number that is not being used by any other application.
Please remember that changing the port here will require any Tally Clients to connect on this Port.
So if you have other Tally clients accessing this server, you may prefer to leave this value unchanged.
   If your internet connection is through a proxy server, configure it here.
Contact your administrator to get the correct information
Configuring Tally for fincom - Step 3
Sample Configuration
Here is what a sample configuraton (minimal) may look like. You can choose to enable logging and proxy connections, if required.
Configuring Tally for fincom - Step 2
Adding a firewall exception
It is very likely that Tally is already configured to connect through your Windows firewall. In case it is not, the following links provide instruction on how to do that. There are a large number of sites providing these instructions.
On Windows XP
On Windows Vista
Find IP Address
For finCom to access the Tally, it requires the IP address of the system where TALLY IS INSTALLED.
Please follow the below steps to find the ip.
   Open a Command Prompt (in Start > All Programs > Accessories)
   Type 'IPCONFIG' and Press Enter
   Lot of information will be displayed as shown in the image below
   Look for 'IP Address' (marked by Orange Arrow in image below). This value has to be entered in the finCom app
   To access Tally via Internet, plese ref. to the section below
Configuring Tally for fincom - Step 2
Access from Internet
Configuring finCom to access the Tally data through the internet is different from accessing it within the network or intranet.
Before opening access to the internet it is very important to know the security implications of opening the port to the web.
There are multiple ways in which Tally can be accesed through internet. You will need to know the static ip address allotted by your ISP.
The most common method is port forwarding on the router. The following links provide information on how to do that.
For different routers
About Port Forwarding
Configure finCom on iPad
Configure finCom for iPad
Configure finCom on Android Devices
Configure finCom for Android Devices